Friday, 29 April 2016

What are the five distinct branches of the property management software?

PMS Hotel Management Software

If you have already decided to use the hotel PMS software, then you should do a bit of research to find the best one. Choose the best software so that the hotel management becomes incredibly easy. In fact, good software will mainly have 5 distinct branches. It would have the feature of the front desk, the pos, proper administration, housekeeping and permitting online reservation.

The feature of the front desk!

Look for software that integrates the front desk whereby the hotel employees may login easily and access the everyday functionality, the front desk operation. The user also will be able to check the booking status, the reserved rooms, the checked in rooms and the check out rooms. You may access the details of the guests, the reservation detail, the new reservation assignment, the checked in cards for the chosen or all guests and it also facilitates the creation of the guest list and the reservation list. With the software, you can edit the reservation of the past, present, and future and alter the rooms and the dates. With the system, it is also possible to re-assign guests to the different room. You may easily manage the work shift, receive the details of the transactions from the automated credit card swipe machine.

The administrative function of the hotel PMS!

The best hotel PMS software facilitates the smooth administration of the hotel. In fact, the administration feature takes care of the administration of the hotel. You may easily create the room category, formulate tax rates for occupancy and sales and also foster the employee accounts. The software can create the room category, set the rate of the room as per the facilities in the room and the season, set the season date for many years to come, add or edit the employees, set the rate of taxation, specify the bed type, organize the store inventory, create the profit center like restaurants and gift shops.

The function of Point of Sales!

The POS is the much sought after feature by the software users. In fact, it can integrate the inventory management, accounting and the hotel gift shop, payroll module and the bar billing. With the POS, the sales total along with tax gets updated, and even the transaction number gets recorded for reference, and the staff will be able to separate the POS purchases from the reservation so that the guest pays separately. In fact, the detailed report is available for conducting the printout, and even the purchase details get saved in the database for future reference.

The Housekeeping!

Being the important component of the PMS hospitality software, the housekeeping is seamlessly integrated within the Front Desk at any point in time. The system is going to assign the room status automatically, and the daily housekeeping report of the staff may access the printable report for the check-in and checkout, room vacancies and maintenance note.
Online reservation!

The hotel PMS software facilitates the online reservation. This kind of facility allows the visitors to book the rooms online. In fact, it is the vital module of the PMS software. You may see the rooms, the pricing and the room availability. The guest may book as per the room category.

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