Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Why is the cloud hotel management software called the customer management software?

Are you looking to succeed in the hotel management? Get hold of the customer management software or the cloudhotel software. You may be wondering how the hotel can keep a track of your last visit. So, whatever you liked about the previous visit, the hotel will offer the same kind of preferred services. This is the very gift of the CRM or the customer relationship management software. As the owner of the hotel, one can offer a perfect hotel experience to the guest. All the guest information will be integrated with the software and would get collected in the same spot. Hence, the guest experience enhances.

What are the important features of the hotel management software?

The hotel management software keeps all the information in one place. One unique feature of the software is the IVR, or Interactive Voice Response System, which helps the guests to register, complaints if any. The feature of IVR helps greatly in allocating the different complaints and requests to the hotel department so that there is a quick response.

Quality management of the hotel!

The hotel software in India is designed in a way to accommodate the versatile needs of the different hospitality properties including the restaurants, clubs, hostels, hotels, resorts, clubs and BBQs. Having the comprehensive range of advanced and integrated modules, the hotel software covers each and every aspect of the hospitality business management. The software has been formed by using the modern technology and integrating expert opinions. The software is accepted worldwide due to the state-of-the-art technology.

What are the major modules of the hotel software?

The important modules of the software incorporate the 1-2 clicks of guest reservation, the check in and check out, the travel agent module, group management and even the guest history to enhance the performance and operations of the business. The hotel management system has handy features like front desk, the inventory management, the point of sales and maintains the accounts and reports. There is also the central reservation system for managing the aspects. So, with such features, you can manage the day to day operations with the never-before efficiency.

The merits of using the automated hotel management software

The hotel dealer can use the automated hotel management tool since it offers a lot many advantages. It allows the dealer to search through the database for details like guest details, his choices and preferences. With the SaaS technology, you can access the relevant data from anywhere. You will be able to offer much better services with the help of hotel software management, and there will be less error in the billing. It eliminates the chance of ‘monkey business’ as well. Although some may feel that the software is expensive but it brings down the business management cost to a great extent.

With the coming of the hotel software, there has been a tremendous revolution in the hospitality industry. It also facilitates hotel booking, restaurant booking in the breeze easy manner. When it comes to the quality hotel management, the convenience offered by cloud hotel software cannot be underestimated. 

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

What is hotel management software? What are the unique features of the cloud hotel software?

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Technology rules the world and the hospitality industry are not left behind. Restaurants, hotels, lodges make use of advanced software to run their business in the industry. Hotel software is the in-house windows based software application that is crucial to automate the day to day workings. It incorporates different features like room booking, making a reservation, check in and also check out. Businesses can have an integrated report of all the customers. The management tool is the kind of software that helps in maintaining the hotel efficiently. In fact, the software has certain modules and components that take care of every aspect of the hotel.

What is the unique feature of the software?

The hotel management tool may be used both online and offline. When you are not online, you may use the installed software into the computer system. Then, via the SaaS licensing, you can use the software online. In such systems, you can also access the cloud computing.

How does the cloud hotel software work?

The cloud hotel software offers the admin panel to help you operate and keep track of the changes. There is the room division section, taking care of the guest details, the front office, and the room being allocated to the guest. Then it has the food and beverage section where records like orders placed by the guests, the billing, the cost of the food and beverage, the Point of Sales, the catering and sales. The back office department mainly takes care of the accounting, the purchase, inventory, the employee tracking, the online reservation system. The used modules in the software act as the correspondence to each other and so if there is an alteration of one model, it will be reflected on another module. Hence, the user can monitor everything centrally and keep a tab over the work which is done in different departments for administration.

The hotel management system

Developing the hotel management software is already a very advanced step taken. It assists in the hotel management system. The overall working of the hotel gets enhanced when it comes to managing the day-to-day operations like hotel accommodation, hostel, villa and cottage accommodation. The room booking will be managed on the daily and day-to-day basis. With the software, the user can easily know the preferences of the cherished guests by seeing the previous stays in the hotel.

The great convenience of the hotel reservation software

Hotel reservation and hotel software management is the easiest way to conduct the hotel reservation. People can book the hotels online without the waste of precious moments. Anyone can do this and from anywhere across the globe. The staff can administer information and reservation about guests without any delay. Hence, the management software is easier, convenient and faster way of making bookings without any time wasted. Even the guests are benefited by the software. They can check the room availability and permits them to choose a room having all the features in it. The international guests can make the reservation even when they sit miles away. Any kind of modification or changes made by the guests like the latest bookings, special request made at the last hour will be transmitted to the hotel dealer and the management system without delay.
The software provider will offer the software equipped with the cloud computing capabilities. With the Cloud computing, the hotel dealer can run the software on several systems. Hotel software in India is a must have for the smooth running and efficient working of the hotel. The easy-to-use software is employed by a lot of many hotels.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Simplifying the restaurant billing with the billing software!

Point of Sale hotelline, hotelline Restaurant Billing Software

There are times when the staffs of the restaurant have to undergo pressure situations and hence commit unexpected mistakes in billing. The owner of the restaurant can either scold the staff or even fire the ones responsible. But then, this is not the solution. In fact, such a mistake may not be intentional, and the staff has to bear the brunt. But then, the owner of the restaurant cannot afford the losses or allow the staffs to steal certain things. As the owner of the restaurant, you can take a responsible step by incorporating restaurant pos software to avoid the occurrence of inadvertent slips and follies. The software is the billing tool that scales down the intervention from humans in a number of calculations in the bill generation stage.

How is the POS the new age solution to restaurant management?

The modern life is full of challenges where no one has the time to do manual calculations. Restaurants and hospitality industry is taking every relevant step to offer the best services to the customers. POS software is the new generation restaurant management system which is cloud-based software, bringing the wave of change in the way of managing the restaurant. POS stands for the Point of Sales, and it is the restaurant billing tool that can function both online and offline. There is no need to worry when the internet connection is gone all of a sudden.

The different kinds of POS!

For the various kinds of food joints, different kinds of POS are available. They are the bakery POS for cake shop, Pizza POS for pizza hut and Ice cream POS for an ice cream shop. Since the POS has incorporated various features, it is used widely in the hotels and restaurants.

What can the POS do for you?

The POS Software forRestaurant can perform a variety of functions:
  • It can do the CRM or the customer relationship management for the food complex or joint. The software will keep track of the anniversaries, birthdays, and many other special occasions when the restaurant has to send messages on discount offers to the loyal customers. You may start the loyalty program with the POS.
  • The POS can manage the billing efficiently so that you attend to the needs of the customers personally.
  •  As the customer, you may reserve the table. With the POS, it may be done on the phone or the tablet computer.
  • With the POS, you can make the customers leave their valuable feedback about your restaurant.
  •  The POS software allows the restaurant owners and the staffs to take up the online order and include that within the system in an easy manner. With the POS, hassle free delivery of the food is ensured.
  • POS software India also helps in the menu management. You can decide on the list of items that must be included in the menu on the certain occasion. It also assists in managing the menu across the different outlets, but of the same chain. This way, consistency is maintained.
  • With the software, you can manage not only the financial matter but also the kitchen. You can check the stock and the inventory to avoid any waste of items. It may also act as the central kitchen management system for you. It will maintain the stock inventory; manage the recipes of various outlets so that you are offering similar services.
  • POS is the best restaurant software. It may also help in the preparation of the restaurant reports for the assessment where the managers are not required to contact the handlers for the updates. The update will be directly provided with the POS and hence there is a lot of transparency. For the smooth running of the restaurant, you need to get in touch with the professionals of Hotelline.  

Friday, 29 April 2016

What are the five distinct branches of the property management software?

PMS Hotel Management Software

If you have already decided to use the hotel PMS software, then you should do a bit of research to find the best one. Choose the best software so that the hotel management becomes incredibly easy. In fact, good software will mainly have 5 distinct branches. It would have the feature of the front desk, the pos, proper administration, housekeeping and permitting online reservation.

The feature of the front desk!

Look for software that integrates the front desk whereby the hotel employees may login easily and access the everyday functionality, the front desk operation. The user also will be able to check the booking status, the reserved rooms, the checked in rooms and the check out rooms. You may access the details of the guests, the reservation detail, the new reservation assignment, the checked in cards for the chosen or all guests and it also facilitates the creation of the guest list and the reservation list. With the software, you can edit the reservation of the past, present, and future and alter the rooms and the dates. With the system, it is also possible to re-assign guests to the different room. You may easily manage the work shift, receive the details of the transactions from the automated credit card swipe machine.

The administrative function of the hotel PMS!

The best hotel PMS software facilitates the smooth administration of the hotel. In fact, the administration feature takes care of the administration of the hotel. You may easily create the room category, formulate tax rates for occupancy and sales and also foster the employee accounts. The software can create the room category, set the rate of the room as per the facilities in the room and the season, set the season date for many years to come, add or edit the employees, set the rate of taxation, specify the bed type, organize the store inventory, create the profit center like restaurants and gift shops.

The function of Point of Sales!

The POS is the much sought after feature by the software users. In fact, it can integrate the inventory management, accounting and the hotel gift shop, payroll module and the bar billing. With the POS, the sales total along with tax gets updated, and even the transaction number gets recorded for reference, and the staff will be able to separate the POS purchases from the reservation so that the guest pays separately. In fact, the detailed report is available for conducting the printout, and even the purchase details get saved in the database for future reference.

The Housekeeping!

Being the important component of the PMS hospitality software, the housekeeping is seamlessly integrated within the Front Desk at any point in time. The system is going to assign the room status automatically, and the daily housekeeping report of the staff may access the printable report for the check-in and checkout, room vacancies and maintenance note.
Online reservation!

The hotel PMS software facilitates the online reservation. This kind of facility allows the visitors to book the rooms online. In fact, it is the vital module of the PMS software. You may see the rooms, the pricing and the room availability. The guest may book as per the room category.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Why Use Cloud-based Hotel Management Software System for Hotels?

Any good and prosperous business demands efficiency, and if it is a hotel industry, then it is a mandatory requirement, considering the mounting competition with each passing day. To shine out in this scenario nothing else works better than the hotel management software which ensures high-end benefits with multiple functionalities. There are several business demands which can be solved by this software in few hours or even minutes depending on the work, with more efficiency and fewer errors.

There are several benefits of using HMS software. In overall daily operation and routine service work this software proves to be the best. 

Extreme Utility for reservation support

One of the greatest benefits of this technology is its usefulness as online reservation software. It is not a secret that business of any kind builds up with customers so facilitating the customers and attracting them to the hotel is the main objective of every hotelier. And this objective is being supported by the dedicated software which helps in providing online reservation to customers worldwide and helps in increasing the business.

Help Attract Customers

With this being implemented, customers can easily view the hotels, its surroundings, know about the location, learn about the rooms available and then book the same online by paying the requisite fees.  With the help of the software, a person can even check the rooms and its designing and space before finalizing the same. Thus, the software serves as an insight to the hotel and works splendidly in attracting customers to the hotel, having them book rooms within minutes and thus contributing to the growth of business.

Better Admin Support

Apart from providing reservation support, it provides other benefits too in hotel accounting, property management, vendor management, call managements, etc. which are important aspects of running a hotel.

Centralized control over routine jobs

Centralized control helps in better monitoring on all aspects, and this software empowers the hotel manager with such authorities. The software helps in exercising better control on several day to day activities and monitors each department separately. Even if there is a chain of hotels in a separate address, the software helps in connecting all so that the manager can monitor them from a single desk and concentrate on other important works rather than running from one branch to another to exercise greater control.

Lifts efficiency to the many levels up

Another prominent benefit of using management software in hotels is that working with this software is a reliable medium, and it works efficiently lessening the human errors which sometimes can turn out to be very costly. For example, the software restricts double bookings which were quite hazardous in the earlier times. Previously booked details were maintained on papers creating a chaos but with the software support, reservations get immediately reflected in all systems.

Helps in customization leading to greater customer satisfaction

Even for the guests, it provides to be a good platform to customize their requirements, preferences regarding accommodation and food preference.  And for the management, it serves as an excellent storage device to keep complete data of guests for future references.

Handles accounting flawlessly

The hotel software benefits the accounting aspect in a larger way. Be it generating invoices or producing calculative reports, maintaining account balances or any financial statements all gets done efficiently with the help of this reputed software by top hotels management software company.


Some of the best hotel management software company in India is engaged in preparing some of the finest software to facilitate the hospitality industry. The software produced is immensely user friendly and can be worked on without going through difficult training.

In a nutshell, the software is simple to use and quite intuitive which help the guest in understanding the booking procedures and fetching details of the hotel. And for staffs, it is a way of making their jobs easier. 

Saturday, 12 March 2016

What to Look for in Best Quality Hotel Management Software

Hotel operations is not an easy activity; it’s almost a juggling act where one has to balance various functions like managing reservations, taking care of guest facilities, watching out for check in checkouts, maintain deposits, look out on staffs, housekeepers, ordering stock and many others. And above all, this comes two more activities maintaining the point of sale or POS and integrates the same in the customer invoices.

Get an efficient and comprehensive hotel management software

So when it comes doing all this and that too efficiently without making any mistake, then the best way to do the same is by using the best quality hotel management software  that does work perfectly and gives access to anything and everything as and when needed.

Since there are top hotels management software companies available with their best in lot programs, it becomes quite confusing to decide on which one to choose and what is ideally the best. To find the best program suited for your business, it is important to jot down a few essential points regarding the business such as what is in offering, what is expected, what is the requirement, and what are the hassles that need to be overcome to get the best position.

Good reservation software

While searching for the best hotels management software company and its product, look out first for the basic yet important needs such as reservation system. As all know, reservation is the key point for the growth of business. If the flow of reservations gets disturbed, the whole business goes down. So ideally, good reservation software is that which helps in quick booking and maintains booking preferences is the primary requirement. The customer should feel ease to book and booking errors are minimized.

Deposits and bookings

Reservations are well linked with deposits. Initial deposits rules for every hotel is different while some prefer deposit at the time of booking while others take payment after arrival at the hotel. So to follow the rule of the hotel attach deposits to customer invoices, ensure nil overbooking, checking unconfirmed books and put them on sale if required, all are integral works and should be efficiently done by the software purchased.

Maintaining customer data

Maintaining details of customers and their every available data is an important activity of hotel software. On arrival, every guest needs to sign on the check in sheet, which can be done by taking a print of the customer data fed into the software. In thiss way an acknowledgment of the person staying as well as his personal information is confirmed.  So such facilitated software is a must for better business.

Integrated invoice software

Again in the case of a restaurant or bar bills or even room orders, in many situations, if the same is not included in an integrated invoice system, the order gets lost, and the hotel incurs a monetary loss. So to avoid such hazards the integrated invoice software is extremely important.

Integrated account balances, and financial reports

Finally, the profit and loss, integrated account balances, and financial reports are also a major part of business. It helps to understand the losses and fallacies and the good and beneficial stages of the business. It helps to run the business better with more growth in future.


So the basic requirements while purchasing HMS software are being explained. However, there are many other add-on features that help the business in multiple ways. The best procedure is to learn as much as possible about various software and their functions before deciding on the final one

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

What Are The Multiple Types Of Hospitality Management System?

The hospitality management system is referred to the technological solution or the software used to serve the hospitality business. Services from food ordering to good accommodation, booking facilities and management operation it manages all and that too efficiently in turn providing a greater contribution to increasing the revenue.

Since the trend is on high, one can easily be confused with the number of hospitality software available in the market. But with detail knowledge of what is in offer one can pretty well understand the strength and negatives of the software on sale and decide on whether the same is suited for individual business.

Accommodation Software:  Accommodation software or the HMS software is mainly targeted for those people who are running accommodation business like B &B, guest houses, hotels, motels, clubs, resorts, etc. The software can serve both small hotels as well as a big chain of hotels too. The basic package includes room and guest management while the complex or the advanced one have  multiple functions like retail, service, staff roaster, inventory, booking, accounting, training and many others

Front desk Software:  This particular software package enables the reception staff to be aware of bookings, room status, charges, guest details, restaurant reservation, and housekeeping duties and check in check out process.

Housekeeping Software:  This software is easy to use and helps in increasing the efficiency of housekeeping and cleaning works of the rooms. The software tracks, the status of cleaning, the number of guests, beds, cleaning toiletries, and any special request placed by guests.

Online reservation system:   This software is one of the most important parts of hotels management software. With this software one can have direct bookings and that too with much ease and in few minutes.  The interested customers can view hotel prices, facilities, and services and can make authorized online payment through the same. Cancelation policies and various options to cancel and get refunding at the earliest are also available in this software. It’s safe and most trusted in the industry.

POS operation software:  There remain  various points of sale in big hotels. Be  it a spa, the restaurant, the gift shop or the tour desk, the sale can happen at any point, and that sale should be either taken in cash or charged to the room which again should reflect in daily revenue and daily transactions details. So POS software helps to maintain all this efficiently and meticulously.
It is important to choose best quality hotel software where all these functionalities are well served. There is some of the best hotel management software company in India which provides exclusively featured hotel software packages which are aware of the needs of hoteliers and also comes with customization facility to make it more apt with the need of the hospital industry. There are exclusive offers and added benefits in the packages and comes with reasonable pricing. So make a thorough research on the usefulness of the product in individual business and utilize both operational and financial benefits of the same. 

Thursday, 3 March 2016

How to Choose the Best Hotel Software?

Having a good hotel management software can turn out to be highly effective in running the hotel operations. It is important to choose the best software and then only one can gain an invaluable tool that helps in gearing up the efficiency level of hotel management, operation, and administration. The modern latest technology based software can help the hoteliers with a number of services thus facilitating different aspects of the hotel business. The best software can support all functionalities even in extreme conditions when things get busy and with the flexibility that is needed to support such situations.


HMS software comes in various types and with multiple functionalities. It is essential to be extremely knowledgeable about the various software available in the market and in details the functionality on which they perform. Many accept customization in certain aspect while in others there is no such option. Many programs work best with more functions while others do not have the option. In most of the cases, hotel software are designed in such way that they efficiently manage reservation work too. But the high-end software comes with more added functionalities like tourist information, details on market campaigns and many others. So take the initiative to find out all information about each product to finalize on the one that suits the most in accordance with the hotel requirements.

Scope of the software

Another prominent aspect that should be kept in mind while choosing the hotel software is the capacity of the software. Larger hotels need higher capacity of software to cover a larger area and a significant number of departments whereas smaller hotels have less work with less space. So the requirement is different according to the size and area of the hotel so the software should also be chosen accordingly.

Flexibility and scalability

As previously stated customization facility is very important in hotel software. Every hotel is different along with its style of working, services provided and mode of operation. It is important to tailor made the software according to the need of every hotel or else the purpose of the software won’t be utilized perfectly concluding to a bad investment. To protect that it is important to search down that software which allows personalization of features according to requirement.

User-friendly approach

Last but not the least is the aspect related to the user friendliness of the software. There are various software available in the market. While some are complex and tough in methodology others are quite easy. While choosing software always make sure to purchase an easy to use one since the easy software requires minimum or no training and can be used by any staff and need not required a high end professional to execute the program. This way work will be efficient, and the cost of a skilled expensive employee for use of the same can also be saved.

Being a competitive market finding the best hotel management software company in India is not that too tough. One just needs to be knowledgeable and be clear about the requirement. 

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

How Can The Booking Software Help In Generating More Revenue?

A popular trend that has been ruling the hospitality industry for the last few years, especially in the hotels and motels, are the use of booking engine software. There are various business houses across the globe from this industry which have successfully implemented the technology and are reaping excellent benefits in terms of financial revenue and operational services. It is in fact not a myth that hotel reservation system help to automate the reservation services and generate more profit for the organization.
There are multiple benefits attached to the use of booking engine system.

Smooth function of business

The principal benefit is the software helps in the efficient and smooth running of the business. As a result, this on its own ensures a good profit margin at the end of the day.

User-friendly and need minimum training

The hotel reservation system for hotel management business, available in the market is usually quite user-friendly and needs minimal training for usage. It can simply be downloaded to the computer and can be customized and organized as per requirement and need. Since these are quite easy to operate, even the staff can use the same for communicating information about the hotel and its availability.

Minimise errors in booking

A booking mistake can be a huge offense, and it can serve as a significant cause of business and monetary loss.  Before the use of reservation, software staffs were unable to confirm the room availability to customers instantly as they need to depend on bulky paperwork and this was quite a hassle. And any wrong communication in this process was a huge mistake. But with the efficiency of the booking software, the same is no longer a hassle. Staffs can easily look into the system and convey the room availability and facilities without any mistake. They can book rooms instantly on dates conveyed and thus help in gearing up the business. And with the business being geared up revenue automatically follows.

Help in arranging records flawlessly

The hotel booking software not only helps as a sale increasing force but it also helps in keeping the details of all transaction related to hotel booking in a sorted manner. And in the case when there is a need to do an inventory of a particular transaction, one can fetch the details in minutes. But if the same is done manually it means loads of paperwork, filling, storage and inventory would be similarly a hassle.


In a nutshell,  the reservation software is one of the best initiatives that can be availed by the hoteliers. The software provides less manual work which means less human errors and increases efficiency which means perfect work in less time. The ease and multipurpose facility of the software help in reducing the involvement of too many workforce which means staff can be utilized in other jobs rather than stuck in mundane paper work.  If the motive is to enhance the business and reduce complication in reservation system and time and ensure customer satisfaction, then the ideal option is to avail the hotel reservation software from a reputed source. 

Friday, 12 February 2016

Why is opting for Hotel Management Software a judicious decision?

Indeed a justified question for the leaders of Hospitality industry who are unaware of the immense benefits of Hotel Management software. Be it any lucrative holiday destination, like the city or a beach location, desert or mountain, the main aim of the hotel industry across countries is to provide their visitors with ultimate comfort during their stay in the hotel. For the hotel managers, this is their first duty, but they are also burdened with a line of other activities like monitoring operational activities, manage employees, handle promotion and business deals and many others. Even there are multi-location presences of hotel chains and monitoring all at the same perfectly can become of the hardest challenges for the officials. The Hotel Management software’s are specifically designed to cater these kinds of management requirements where one can reserve control over all aspects of the business along with its multi-location presence excluding the hassles of manual performance.

Role of Hotel Management Software

The technological solution on Hotel Management platform helps the business operators with controls on management efficiency of hotel operations to booking, billing to housekeeping. It is a complete package that leaves no room for human error and enough time to contribute to other important activities towards business growth and development.

Some of the key features of the software include
Online Booking Management

One of the most convenient software to keep track of booking and reservation details, this is definitely a time saver solution.  This particular feature in HMS software helps in managing room services, room types, and cleaning schedules. It also controls the deals and packages provided by the partner travel agencies or by the company itself so that the visitors get their due benefits of the offers and enjoy a pleasant stay.

Housekeeping at its Best

Another prominent benefit of using the software is related to housekeeping and proper organizing, which ideally can be termed as the backbone of a well-established hotel business. The software enables the Incharge to assign task based on significant parameters like the floor, types of rooms, allotted room numbers, etc. And the best part is they can also check the status of the work given.  Many of the software’s also hold the facility of managing task list and instant messaging system which helps in quick communication and immediate allotment of work.

Easy and quick Reporting

Reporting is one of the major backend processes for any kind of business. It helps in keeping accountability of every aspect and analyzing the same in the context of multiple business interests. It is a benefit that the dedicated technological solution for hotel industry helps not only in keeping the records but also utilizes the same in generating forecasting reports for better analysis. Be it monthly or daily reports, Booking lists, bifurcation of type of bookings, activity reports, OTA business listing, cleaning reports and many others. Even some provide integrated reports on minute details like web traffic, revenue through web presence, publicity campaigns, etc.


Cost Management and Billing is one of the crucial aspects of this kind of software. Though not all hotel management software company provide this feature in their software but many surely have. Manual tracking of expenses or any kind of cash flow can be a painful task, and that is why the software with accounting and billing tool is the best. Cash Management, Balance Sheet, Payroll sheets and Auditing become quite simpler with this software.
In a nutshell, it is always a smart decision to choose the product from one of the top hotels management software company and enjoy a smooth business operation. The software implementation not only reduces human errors, but helps in efficient control in all aspects along with providing expert paper works that altogether contributes to business growth and development.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

6 Tips For Improving Your Hotel Business

A hotel and hospitality business faces immense challenges, and lack of sufficient insight may cause the fall of the business. In order to be a  better administrator, a hotel owner or manager must understand the business well enough. When the hotel gets engulfed in a distressed situation, it needs ways and measures to have an improved functioning state.
Planning and a well-qualified management and working staff are pre-requisites for better running of a hotel business, like any other business. Hotels sometimes do not have the efficient staff, which may have lesser skills or may not be able to comprehend the job situations fully. There may also be a plethora of other reasons that may lead to the downfall and cause distress of your hotel. The tips below help you to improve your hospitality business and are easy and affordable ways to be more profitable in the long run.

Here Are 6 Tips For Improving The State Of A Distressed And Falling Hospitality Business

Many-a-times hotels have sales, marketing/distribution plans and strategies and rate structures that are over-complex in nature and cannot be easily comprehended by even the potential customers. Some also do not have control over the inventory and rates and overdo the promotional campaigns thereby suffering from huge losses.


Your hotel business must be adequately exposed to the customers. You can only be accessed by customers and consumers if you have good online and offline presence, use more videos, reviews, customer feedbacks and images among other measures to promote your hotel business online.
Never forget the competitors as they are always there trying hard to get your share of the business. Do some comparison/analysis and know where you stand in the current market scenario.

Cash Inflow

Money is one of the most important requirements of distressed and non-profitable hospitality institution. It goes without saying that you must cut back your excess and non-essential costs immediately. Go for the sales campaigns that cost low while giving you high occupancy rates and use all available measures to have a credit line that remains with you till your business is profitable again.

Use Hospitality Software

Hotel Management Software cost less and offer you huge advantages in terms of efficiency and profitability. They improve your workplace performance, provide you new ways to bring in better customer happiness and satisfaction and are also highly customizable. To transform your business into a modern hospitality institution, you must use HMS software and companies like Hotelline offers you these at nominal rates and also offer you free training relating to its usage.

Use of Social Media

Social media offers you a ready-made database of potential customers, and you can use the tremendous reach of the Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter among others to increase your business and have more number of clients. You can “geofence” the convention center and airports and send SMS to selected consumers or can use the single point dashboard of the Property Management Software or the PMS for integrating your OTAs and online travel agents with the social media websites. A hotel management software company offers you cloud services through which you can have an integrated marketing and customer retention approach.


Blogging is an attractive way to reach out to more number of customers. Many people use the web and the internet to gather information before they make a travel decision or purchase. Start your own travel blog section and provide the customers quality and useful information on topics related to travel and hospitality. This will make you more known, and the blogs will also improve your “search engine” rankings.
Best hotel software management companies in India like Hotelline offer you affordable HMS software with tremendous usability and premium features for uplifting your hotel business. Use the feature-full software and also work on other aspects of your business so that you transform your distressed hotel business into a customer friendly organization offering you greater revenue and better market repute.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Booking Engine Software: Making Hotel Reservations Easy Like Never Before

The internet has produced an amazing effect on the world of trade and commerce. The impact is absolutely phenomenal. Even the availability of the Internet and support for multiple devices like computers, smartphones, tablets, and laptops has increased the popularity of business houses which have an online presence. Like every other industry, the Internet has encouraged the hospitality and travel and tourism industry too. Travelers nowadays prefer to conduct research, search accommodation, learn about locations, conduct bookings online before they travel to have a hassle free, pleasant tour. That is why all across the world the hotel industry unanimously prefers the booking software that helps in online booking and simple room reservation from anywhere, anytime. Almost all the top rated hotels have their dedicated online portals where the facilitated software is loaded for instant booking service.

1.      Simple and Easy Procedure:

The greatest benefit of the booking engine system is the simplicity and ease it provides in hotel booking process. Travelers, in the present day have the liberty to sit back in the comfort of their home or office and enjoy a virtual tour of various hotels of a designated place, shuffle through the rooms available, know about the room features and read reviews and then finalize the ideal hotel room with just few clicks and confirmations.

2.      More Profit and Greater Savings with Booking Software

Indeed, the reservation software helps in generating greater profits. In the competitive market of the hotel industry, making enough profit and maintain its popularity is a challenge. With the ample use of booking software, the top rated hotels maintain their visibility among travelers and provide ease of booking in minutes. Even with the help of this software, one can reduce the services of travel agencies, for which the hotel industry needs to pay commission. In a direct booking with the help of booking solution, one need not to pay any middleman and enjoy greater savings and, in turn, profit.

3.      Reduce Human Error

The best offering of the hotel reservation system tool is that it reduces the human error regarding and makes it absolutely perfect and accurate. Especially in the case of room choice or availability of rooms, there can be no human error that keeps the option of a hassle for the travelers. Whether there is a room available or the same has been booked gets updated instantly making the reservation procedure extremely streamlined.
Apart from room bookings, the booking software also helps in booking the extra facilities like parking, spa treatment, restaurant services, breakfast meals, etc. which helps the hotel executives to understand and prepare according to the customer need. Even in the case of special offers or discounts to loyalty customers can be easily done through the reservation system as it easily tracks the details of listed customers and ensure that the privileges are correctly provided.

One can choose the best hotel booking engine software company available in the market considering the features so that one can remain free from these mundane tasks and concentrate on important activities and still continue business and earn profits. 

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

12 Effective Ways To Market A Hotel

Marketing is an ongoing process, one that you should carry on with even if your business is offering you better-than-expected profits. This is so because marketing plans and strategies keep you business alive in the eyes of the consumers and also offers you business expansion and higher revenue generation benefits among others.
A hotel business can market itself in a number of ways to increase its customer reach, to better its online and offline presence and repute and to retain its existing customers, among other business-friendly outcomes.

Here Are 12 Ways To Market Your Hotel/Hospitality Business Your USP story

Why would a customer like to stay in your hotel and give it preference over others? Ask this question to yourself and then work on ways to develop a clear-cut unique selling point for your hotel. A better customer service, a more affordable holiday package, and even a free ice-cream at the corporate buffet can make your customers have a better memory of your hospitality.

Press Integration

The regional and national press and newspapers, magazines, and blogs relating to it offer you a colossally-able customer-reach platform, one that you can never exploit fully.  Build relationships with the domestic travelers and customers by featuring your hotel in the articles and news sections of the popular magazines and hold press conferences often so that your hotel enjoys the limelight.


Online travel agencies are amongst the most popular distribution channels in the new online business environment. As their models and commission vary, you need to analyze them fully and then should work on integrating them into your marketing strategy. Integrate your OTA marketing strategy with the booking engine systems (are a feature of the latest hotel management software or HMS) for analyzing your revenue through these channels better.

Global Distribution Channels (GDS)

GDS platforms are always reinventing themselves, and you can use Galileo, Apollo, and WorldSpan among other GDS channels to have more corporate and leisure travel customers.

Local Distribution Marketing Companies and Agencies

The companies that specialize in DMC spend in their hard efforts to gather an increased number of customers and travel groups apart from focusing on events. You can hire them for reaching out to more number of leisure and corporate groups.

Tourist Office

The state governments also focus on promoting tourism. Reach out to them to know how your hotel can also feature on the state tourism marketing plans. Also, see to it that your hotel also gets on the representative list of the state’s tourism website which is considered highly authentic and is much preferred by travelers when they are searching for credible information related to travel and hotels.

Convention Buro

You can also approach the Convention Buro so that your hotel features in the favorite destinations for holding of conferences and events. Citywide regional, cultural and corporate events generate lots of interest among people, and your hotel can reach new popularity horizons by hosting these business-friendly events.

Sales Representative

The good old traditional way of approaching more businesses  and customers through a sales representative has good amounts of benefits for your hotel/hospitality business even today. The approach makes your marketing more direct, and you can also use gifts as part of your customer retention and generation plan apart from devising new customer-friendly tour packages.


Optimize your website and have an SEO campaign for promoting your business online. The campaign will offer you better recognition in both short and long term.

Social Media

Social Media is one of the latest buzzwords in marketing, and your hotel must have a social media presence (including a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Gowalla, FourSquare and YouTube among other social hotspots on the internet) for being nationally and internationally recognized as a popular leisure destination.

Hotel Management Software

 An HMS software of hotel management software improves your services and has the Booking Engine Software that smoothens your booking process and also helps you to know the bookings your online advertising and marketing plans have generated Generate greater revenues and increase your online presence and repute by having all your OTAs, social media marketing campaigns and SEO campaigns integrated at a single dashboard.


While you might not necessarily need a  mobile App for your hotel business, you still require a mobile/smartphone optimized website so that your hotel features in the on-the-go web searches that most travelers are today adept of. Hotel reservation systems can  also be accessed by customers through Apps, and you can engage a best hotel booking engine software company like Hotelline for giving your customers a delightful and futuristic experience of booking their hotel rooms while traveling.