Thursday, 24 December 2015

5 Important Points That Hoteliers Should Know About The Cloud-Based System Providers And Software

The cloud-based hotel PMS software systems offer an immense advantage to hoteliers. These systems include PMS (Property Management System), CRS (Centralized Reservation System) and RMS that the hoteliers use via the software-as-service model.

A Cloud PMS Software has many advantages over the premise based system. The hoteliers can convert the capital expenditure to operation expenditure through the software and can access the latest version of the software automatically without searching the market for upgrades. The software eases the burden that occurs because of infrastructure and application management. Last but not the least, there is also a potential of enhanced and state-of-the-art security which the internal security systems cannot provide.

Before getting a PMS software for your hospitality organization, it is important that you carefully evaluate your organization’s IT ability that must be able to accommodate and manage the new infrastructure with ease and perfection. The Gmail cloud-based service from Google offers you 99.9% availability and is 46 times more effective and better than the Microsoft service in this regard. You must also get to know other characteristics of the software and must ask in detail the software offering companies about these aspects.

A comprehensive and authentic cloud platform

The cloud coverage that the software company  provides you must be comprehensive. Some companies may offer you hosted kind of model that would run on their own datacenters. Only inclusion of the certain amount of virtualization techniques does not mean that the software is fully cloud based. A real cloud-based software will offer you-pay-for-see packages, bi-directional and infinite elasticity and detailed and comprehensive reporting and monitoring.

Service level agreements

Common service level agreements include RPO or Recovery Point Objective and RTO or Recovery Time Objective. These attributes are assigned to the critical capability related to the data receiver. They decide how fast your service provider will get the application recovered for you and for what length of past-time the data has been backed up. Software vendors not having attributes like RPOs and SLAs are not using the data protection measures and techniques continuous in nature. In this scenario, you are at great risk of permanent data loss if your app crashes.

Offline mode

All cloud based hospitality PMS, channel manager, and other software have immense offline mode functionality as well. Being loud based never means that the software can only be operated when the internet is connected. Through the latest techniques, you can work on some features of software when offline and data and inputs will be synchronized when the internet is connected.


Companies like Hotelline offer you fully integrated PMS software system for a hotel that can be used to run the whole organization through a single dashboard. In earlier days, some companies built their won integrated platforms. Ask you company to fill in all the existing gaps so that you can save time and effort while managing your premises.

Data back out

You must have a clear understanding of how your software provider company will back out the data for you. It is also referred as data portability.

Cloud computing and software are very useful for the hospitality business, and you should engage the best PMS software company for hotels like Hotelline that offers you a comprehensive and customized for your business. But before a business gets to acquire these features, it must know the strengths and weaknesses beforehand.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Benefits of A Cloud PMS: Property Management Software for Hotels

Hotelline's PMS Software

Advantage of Cloud PMS Management Software for Hotels 

PMS or Property Management Software is a kind of computerized system that facilitates the comprehensive management of hospitality-business-related and other properties through one single software.

Hotels have to ensure that all their operations are running smoothly and efficiently. A number of daily operations are forgotten, and the operation of a hotel suffers from lags and errors. The operations may also be time-consuming and may ask for frequent vigils which a manager over-ridden with tasks cannot always provide. The new hospitality or hotel PMS software provides for easy management of tasks.


The cloud PMS software systems are clouds based, and hence, there is no risk of data loss. The hotel data that is backed up and saved in the cloud is usually saved in the secure and reliable data centers and on most quality hardware behind the securest firewalls. The regularly backup automation of upgraded data ensures that you are never at a loss of any kind of detail.

Access from anywhere, anytime

 The modern PMS use the latest internet backing and operation mode so that you can access your data easily no matter where you are. The data and information can also be accessed through handheld devices like smartphones and tablets. The feature is especially useful for hotel managers and supervisors who can efficiently run their operations from any place.


A cloud based PMS system is a lot cost effective as you can easily store and access your data economically without having your own server. Companies like Hotelline offer you their own web servers and do not charge excessively for its use.

Integrated and comprehensive booking system

Almost all modern and integrated PMS software are available today have the inbuilt booking engine. Hence, all bookings that take place on your website are added to your information database, and the room inventory always gets a timely update.

Better revenue management

You can regulate the special rates of your hotel rooms based on their current or previous occupancy levels through the software. You can set two different room rates on the basis of revenue. Apart from this, you can also set special rates for corporate and other customers. The software provides for easy tracking all your transactions at different business sources (OTAs included) at a single dashboard.  Through the features, you can manage your revenues and can get a better insight of more profitable business avenues.

Customer friendly

The PMS software system for hotel management helps you to improve your customer service. You can make company and guest profiles and customize your bookings rate packages in lieu of the frequency of booking of a particular client organization. You can also go for multiple bookings at a time. The software helps you to allot rooms as per the preferences of the consumers and also displays to you the black-listed list of customers. The software helps you to undertake customized consumer-target special offer packages so that you can have a more specific marketing and online advertising program.

Apart from these benefits, a PMS software also helps you to control all other services and operation sequences of your hotel remotely. You can easily avail genuine and efficient hotel management software as the best PMS Software Company for hotels offer you customized packages at marginal costs.